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Crime Scene Damage Repairs

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Crime Scene Damage Repairs

Repairing damages from crime scenes can include a wide range or reconstruction – sometimes small, sometimes a major job. Small things like carpeting and drywall replacement may be needed, or, if the crime scene was a police raid or a shootout, the structural damage could mean you need to have major construction performed to repair your property to its original condition.

Our professional crime scene damage repair team is ready to come in and address the aftermath once the bio-hazard has been handled. Give us a call today to discover how we can assist.

Trauma & Crime Scene Services:

Before any type of damage repair or reconstruction can begin, the health risks must be eliminated. Certified Bio-remediation is necessary to reduce liability and ensure proper protocol is followed. Water Pro’s specialists understand this, and we won’t begin the repairs until the biological risks have been taken care of.

We follow the sanitary rules, local regulations, and take the highest safety measures required to accomplish comprehensive results, each and every time we work.

Blood Removal, Cleaning, and Decontamination:

After officials and authorities have been through a compromised building, car or property, you will need specialists to come in and perform blood decontamination. Blood is a dangerous hazard that can potentially spread disease. Whether the result of violence, suicide, unattended death or assault, blood spills and particulates will often spread. In order to remedy this, specialty equipment and cleaning agents are utilized to eliminate dangerous pathogens.

When everything has been sanitized and secured to a healthy state, Water Pro will come in to assess any further damages and provide you with simple and easy-to-understand solutions for damage repairs.

Animal/Rodent Waste Removal Services:

An infestation in a business or home often results in a major health crisis. Animal and rodent waste removal must be handled professionally. Carrying many diseases and risks, deceased animals, rodent feces and urine pose a dangerous health hazard.

It’s extremely important to completely remove and halt all animal/rodent waste, while simultaneously sanitizing and deodorizing your residence or commercial location.

When finished, Water Pro is only a phone call away. We can replace damaged wiring, rotted flooring, plumbing issues, and any other types of reconstruction – both interior and exterior – that may have been caused by an animal or rodent infestation.

Why Use Water Pro Crime Scene Damage Repair?

At Water Pro, our crime scene damage repair services consist of professional teams that are outfitted with the finest equipment and tools available. Our local reviews speak for themselves regarding our service quality. We care about our community as much as you do, and we’re here to help – from start to finish.

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