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Fire Damage Repair & Reconstruction

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Fire Damage Repair & Reconstruction

Don’t face fire and smoke damage recovery alone. Our expert renovation and repair team is available for immediate, fast assistance to home and business owners. The sooner you act after fire or smoke damage has occurred, the better. Quick action will minimize the havoc caused by lingering smoke and burnt materials, making for a faster and less expensive reconstruction process.

Water Pro’s fully-trained and licensed reconstruction professionals are prepared to:

  • Arrive quickly and assess fire & smoke damages
  • Provide a simple strategy and transparent pricing
  • Begin the fire debris removal process
  • Provide Repairs and Reconstruction as needed

We know how hard it can be to handle the incredible emotional aftermath of a fire, and getting started with the required steps can be intimidating to say the least. Our fire damage repair services are top rated in the New York and New Jersey areas, and our customer reviews speak volumes about our commitment to satisfaction.

Water Pro’s services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The sooner you act, the better the outcome will be for your building and your budget.


Yonkers, NY Fire & Smoke Damage Repair Services

Water Pro uses cutting-edge equipment and training procedures to save your property from fire, smoke, and water destruction. We’ll repair and reconstruct your fire damaged building to better condition than it was before, and ensure every last detail meets the proper building & habitation codes.

We will be with you from beginning to end during fire damage repair and reconstruction process, including assisting you in dealing with the insurance company – which is one less headache during an already complicated time.

Steps and Procedures After a Structure Fire:

Call us – it’s as simple as that. Never delay when it comes to fire damage.

Water Extraction and Deodorizing:

Drying water damage after a fire is a serious concern. Mold, mildew, staining and odor can set in quickly. Before we can begin the recontruction process, it’s crucial to have a professional and skilled team to extract the water and dehumidify the area, which will prevent a major health crisis in the building. Everything touched by fire, smoke and ash should also be thoroughly deodorized to ensure there’s no lingering, unpleasant smells before the repairs begin.

Fire Salvage and Property Disposal:

Smoke, heat, ash and more may have damaged or destroyed your property during a fire. Hazards like asbestos and toxins could be present. This requires experienced and licensed professionals to handle disposal according to regulations. Removing the fire debris is half the battle during the aftermath. We’ll salvage and manage your property with the proper fire damage repair and reconstruction protocols.

Reconstruction of Fire Damaged Homes and Businesses:

After a disaster, Water Pro is your go-to source for repairs. We guarantee as little downtime as possible at an affordable price. You’ll be back home or to work in as little time as possible! We ensure your safety with quick service and friendly fire reconstruction technicians.

Renovation and Cleanup of Buildings:

We don’t play with fire. Our top rated fire renovation services use contractors who care. We repair fire damage in New York and New Jersey, bringing buildings up to code quickly. Fast and affordable, Water Pro has the know-how to resolve your fire damage crisis with minimal stress.

Why Choose Water Pro Fire Damage Repair?

Our New York and New Jersey fire damage repair and reconstruction services use professional teams that are outfitted with the best equipment available. From beginning to end, we’ll be there to handle the insurance company, emergency responders, and get your fire damaged property back up to code. 

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