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Water damage repair is a complex process. For home or business owners, building materials like sheetrock, flooring, and ceilings may be impacted. Furnishings, office equipment, and even keepsakes may be waterlogged and in danger of being lost to salvage. The first steps for water damage repair help contain the emergency and halt the crisis.

While the image below may look like a joke (yes, the pic is surreal), the aftermath of a situation where the level of water reaches this magnitude is devastating. There’s nothing fun about your home being inundated by several feet of water and ruining your furniture, personal belongings, and sometimes permanently damaging the structure to the point where major flood damage reconstruction is required. Regardless, this happens to homeowners everyday during broken water mains, burst pipes, flash flooding, and extreme storms like hurricanes which cause extreme changes in water height for anyone near the sea, river, or inlet.

It’s crucial to understand the first steps for water damage repair, and incorporate them into your emergency plans in case the problem ever arises.

first steps for water damage repairs

In the situation where your home is filled with water, your safety is first and foremost. Once you’re out, do not reenter the property. Sagging ceilings, electrical issues, and bacteria in water are pose very legitimate, life-threatening dangers.

Our water damage repair technicians specialize in storm damage, plumbing leaks, and backups into the residence or business. The type of water damage or flooding you are experiencing will help us decide the best course of action to fully renovate your structure.

The primary objective (and the most important recommendation) is to turn off the water and electricity to the property. Call an emergency water damage remediation service immediately. Reaching your property within hours, they can take a catastrophe and contain it. This will reduce future risk of mold, mildew, and odor.

Concerned about coverage? The right water restoration professionals will also handle your insurance company. The last thing you need to be dealing with is a flood of paperwork and phone calls in addition to water damage. We will handle documentation and protect you first.

One of the most important of all the first steps for water damage repair is to contact our customer service team now to discover how easy it can be to recover with our professional water damage repair services. Water Pro will be with you through the initial salvaging and stabilizing, rebuilding and repairing, and the final cleaning and deodorizing. We’ll have you in better shape than ever with our top rated water damage repairs.

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