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Hoarder Damage Repair & Reconstruction

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Hoarder Damage Repair Services

Hoarding damage repair is the process that takes place after the hoarding disaster is resolved. Hoarding is the often the result of a tragic mental illness. Worse yet, it sometimes falls on family members and close friends to deal with hoarder cleaning and excess junk removal.

The clutter, bio-hazards, and various items will be emotionally difficult for the hoarder to sort and dispose. If animals or pets are involved, the hoarder’s house may be truly contaminated.

Apartment and rental property owners sometimes face the aftermath of hoarding as well. As the person with the responsibility for the situation, you may be overwhelmed with junk removal. However, if your property is suffering from hoarder damage, it’s time to get a fresh start fast.

A good hoarding remediation service will:

  • Understand that family valuables, keepsakes, and assets may be buried in the mix of junk, garbage, and health hazard
  • Carefully sort and organize hoarding possessions. Some cherished or valuable mementos may need to be found
  • Utilize both technology and experience to locate items and secure assets quickly
  • Understand the mind of a hoarder, making the process less painful

Water Pro is available immediately with the skill and ability to perform hoarder damage repairs. Contact the experts now at (914)-247-4443 to get started.

Hoarder Damage Repair Services

We are here to help you. Our residential hoarder repair services are fast and affordable. We’ll restore order to the entire affected property by fixing any damage that’s been done to your building.

We’re also familiar with the regulations surrounding hoarding disposal. Water Pro will ensure that the house is restored back into a home while reducing liability.

Sorting and Organizing Possessions:

After having certified specialists perform a hoarding assessment, you will need to sort and organize possessions into appropriate categories. Saving what you can and disposing what you can’t is a unavoidable aspect of the job. You should only hire experts who will work with you and keep you informed every step of the way. Customer service is  just as important as the results when it comes to hoarding.

Storage of Valuables and Family Keepsakes:

During the entire process, if needed, your hoarding services experts should provide secure storage of valuables like family photos and jewelry to ensure all assets are safe and protected. You should be able to rest assured that your hoarder cleaning team has your best interests at heart.

Dispose of Animal and/or Human Waste:

Sadly, hoarding situations often involve animal and human waste involved. These bio-hazards, whether from rodents, pets, or humans, must be handled professionally. Hoarding disposal technicians will need to sanitize and disinfect the home to completely eliminate any and all health risks. You’ll be amazed – and relieved – at the difference that can be made in such a short time. And afterwards, if needed, Water Pro is here to perform the repairs and reconstruction that may be required as a result of hoarding damage.

Proper Disposal and Storage of Hoarding:

Chemicals, pet waste, medical materials and much more may be affecting the residence where hoarding has occurred. Whoever performs this task must have the experience necessary to properly dispose of any biological hazards and local regulations during the hoarding disposal process. In the end, you’ll be left with a clean, sanitized, deodorized, and completely junk-free home that meets your local sanitation and safety standards. And best of all, if there are damages, all you have to do is call Water Pro. We’ll come out, assess the problem, and offer you a transparent and simple estimate to get started with repairs.

Photo Documentation of Hoarding Resolution:

One of the absolute most crucial steps during hoarder cleanup is to create photo documentation. Not only will this safeguard you and help with organizing hoarding possessions, but it will also protect the liability of anyone who is managing hoarding cleanup on the behalf of others. This photo documentation can be of assistance in various legal matters, if required.

Why Use Water Pro’s Hoarder Damage Repair?

Water Pro’s hoarder damage repair is carried out by trained technicians who are knowledgeable, licensed, and know how to act quickly to remedy a messy situation with finesse.

We send professional teams who are outfitted with the best equipment available, and our local customer reviews speak volumes about our commitment to quality. We’ll be there to handle any size job from start to finish. Contact the damage specialists today.

Call Us 24/7 at (914)-247-4443 or use our contact form.

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