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Ice Damage Repair Services

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Ice Damage Repair Services

We know New York winters! If you are a home or business owner, you’re most likely familiar with the wicked build ups of ice that occur on the edges and corners of roofs. Often they cause problems that require ice damage repairs. Due to the height and pitch of the roof, combined with slippery surfaces, it’s not safe to attempt to remove the ice alone. You’re going to want to contact an insured and licensed professional. Don’t attempt to remove the ice by yourself, you could end up badly injured.

After professionals have come in to experience handle the ice removal, Water Pro will be ready to arrive to assess the situation and begin performing ice damage repair. Our New York and New Jersey ice damage repair teams are on hand and ready to fix your building.

Water Pro’s ice damage repair experts will:

  • Assess the damage caused by the ice dams
  • Perform ice damage repair to your building, including reconstruction
  • Prevent ice damage to your building in the future
  • Mitigate the risks of personal injury & property damage from falling pieces of ice.

There are also simple steps you can take that will avoid this weather related problem from reoccurring again and again. Our manpower is licensed and trained to handle roof work and all the liability that comes with it. We’re available 24-hours with top rated, and reliable service. Don’t hesitate to give us a call now at (914)-247-4443

Why the Need for Ice Damage Repairs?

Generally forming at the edge of roofs, an ice dam is a ridge of frozen water created from snow and melting snow. This intimidating problem is usually highlighted by frozen icicles hanging from the roof and guttering. The height of this frozen ice dam causes quicker melting snow to pour back into a home or business instead of running off the roof.

Ice dams can injure the roof, ceilings, insulation, and walls. It can even impact personal valuables. Professional ice removal specialists can completely eliminate ice dams using specialized equipment. Afterwards, Water Pro can come in to begin the ice damage repair and prevent ice buildup from occuring in the future by employing state-of-the-art solutions.

Assessing Ice Damage on Homes and Businesses:

The first step is always assessment of the ice damage. What caused the ice dam, and where was the resulting damage? What will prevent it in the future? We will not only abate the damage but also stop ice dams from forming down the road. We ensure lasting peace of mind.

Ice Damage Prevention:

As a home or business owner, the responsibility falls on you to prevent ice dams, but the job is a dangerous one. A professional should be called out to inspect the structure and idetify losses of heat like furnaces, gaps in walls, vents, and outlets. These things can cause roof snow to melt, which causes water to run down, accumulate, and freeze.

Water Pro can help by making sure your house it outfitted to withstand these issues through prevention. Ideally, attic insulation should be top grade, gutters should be kept clean, and your roof should be checked and maintained at least yearly. Ice dam prevention is the key to getting insurance coverage in the instance that unpreventable ice damage does occur. When your insurance will cover the damage, Water Pro will be able to get the repairs you deserve completed quickly and easily with little to no cost for you, the property owner.

Proper Removal of Ice with Low Pressure Steam:

Ice dams can be removed with speacialized toos using low pressure steam. This proven method is the fastest way to abate ice dams. Hot pressure washes can cause damage to roofing, interiors, and siding.

Ideally, you should search for someone who uses innovative equipment for the removal of ice with low pressure steam. This method is easy on both your budget and home. Hiring the wrong service can result in property destruction and loss, which will require you to have expensive ice damage repairs. Do it once and do it right, then contact Water Pro to be sure that there are no damage repairs required that were caused by the ice.

Ice Damage Repair & Reconstruction:

Water leaking back into a house or business can create wet walls, sagging ceilings, and water logged flooring. If it’s not addressed and repaired, it can cause twice the trouble, leading to structural issues and the need for serious work.

In the unfortunate situation that it’s already too late, Water Pro will repair and reconstruct the areas affected by ice damage to better than new – from drywall replacement to mold damage repairs. You can confide in us to handle the job properly and at an affordable price.

Insurance Coverage of Ice Damage Repairs:

Trying to get insurance coverage for ice dams? We’ll help. The paperwork, phone calls, and stress of working with insurance regarding ice dams is a long process.

We’ll work with them directly to optimize the chances of getting the repairs your home requires without being denied. Call us today for fast and safe ice damage repair – we won’t break the bank, or your roof!

Why Use Water Pro’s Ice Damage Repairs?

Our ice damage repair and reconstruction services use professional teams that are outfitted with the best equipment available. From the moment we arrive, we’ll work diligently to identify the problem, determine the cause, handle the insurance company, and make the repairs your home requires.

Call Us 24/7 at (914)-247-4443 or use our contact form.

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