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Mold Damage Repair & Reconstruction

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Mold Damage Repair

Once mold has been identified in your home or business, professional mold damage repair is an urgent matter. Elimination of mold and taking the proper precautions to ensure it doesn’t return is difficult, if not impossible to do on your own. Mold damage repair is not something you want to take lightly or delay in combating.

The expert mold damage repair team at Water Pro will:

  • Provide simple, transparent solutions and pricing to repair your home or business
  • Ensure that all mold and mildew has been properly cleaned, and poses no future threat
  • Once we can ensure the contamination has been successfully eliminated, we will begin the repair and reconstruction process (if required).

Mold is a major health hazard, and proper detection is the first step. Sadly, efforts by property owners to clean the mold themselves usually only temporarily slows – but can also accelerate – the growth of mold in walls, ceilings, carpeting and more.

Our mold damage repair and reconstruction will leave your mind (and your health) at ease. We’ll have your home repaired to perfect condition at an affordable price.

Expert Mold Damage Repair Services

Mold damage repair services should be comprehensive. You need an expert team who will assess, remediate, and help to reclaim your home or business from mold. Once the source feeding the mold is identified and properly resolved, odors will disappear and the air quality will improve. The health of those living and working in the affected space will aslo no longer be at risk.

Fast Mold Infiltration Testing:

It is crucial – first and foremost – to perform the necessary mold testing to discover exactly what type of issue the structure is facing. Once this has been determined, the mold can be eliminated, and Water Pro can begin providing mold damage repair and reconstruction.

Water Drying & Moisture Extraction:

Typically, mold growth is encouraged by water and excessive moisture or humidity within a space. It’s important to have certified technicians to dehumidify, extract water, and dry out the space so that mold progression will come to a halt. Rather than put a band aid on the problem, you must resolve the situation at the source.

Mold Contaminated Materials Removal:

Building materials affected by mold are usually considered contaminated. When possible, they can be repaired. Usually, mold impacted materials like drywall, insulation, and plaster will require removal and replacement. This process is a key part of proper repairs and reconstruction provided by Water Pro.

Reconstruction of Mold Damaged Areas:

After disposal of hazardous materials with mold, we will fully renovate and reconstruct the impacted areas. This will give your New York home or business a fresh start without the health dangers of toxic mold.

Cleaning of Personal Possessions & Property:

Apart from surfaces and construction materials, Water Pro understands how important your cherished possessions are to you. Your possessions should be handled with care, but it’s important that every affected item is thoroughly cleaned, disinfect, and deodorized This also helps make our mold damage repairs easier and guaranteed to last.

Sanitization, Deodorization, and Air Purification:

After mold and moisture have thrived, there may be a lingering odor or scent. To put an end to this disturbance, you must sanitize, deodorize, and purify the air. This is a job that should only be performed by licensed professionals with experience. This is a key factor to ensuring that we can perform the mold damage repairs without the mold returning again.

Why Choose Water Pro for Mold Damage Repair?

Our mold damage repair and reconstruction services consist of professional teams that are outfitted with the best equipment available. Additionally, our local reviews from real customers speak for themselves. We care about our community as much as you do, and we strive to deliver the finest services available by treating every job as if we were working on our own home or business.

From start to finish, we’ll be there to handle the insurance company, emergency responders, and get your mold damaged home or business clean, safe, and back up to code.

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