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new york fire damage repair servicesDid you know that fire damage is one of the leading major emergencies in the residential and commercial properties of New York?. It’s true. Sometimes these fires are considered small, such as a kitchen fire or electrical fire that erupted but was easily extinguished and caused minimal damage. Maybe a burnt countertop, melted microwave, or even a burnt wall and cabinets with little or no structural damage. Sometimes an unattended curling iron can cause serious fire damage to a home bathroom. On the other hand, the fires can often be devastating – causing partial to complete loss of an entire building.

Whatever the situation may be, fires are scary, unpredictable and can cause complete destruction. They can also cause injury and death. When faced with an out-of control fire, the first thing you should do is call 911 immediately. They’ll dispatch emergency responders quicker than anyone else and provide potentially life-saving advice. Once the fire has been completely extinguished, your next step should be to contact a New York fire damage repairs company.

Inspection and Assessment of Fire Damage

When you contact a New York fire damage repairs service, they’ll ask some questions to help them arrive prepared for the situation. Upon their arrival they will assess the damage, give you a overview of what’s been affected and why, plus provide advice on the next steps. Usually this includes any immediate structural reinforcements that may be required, an explanation of the severity of the damage, and what’s required to repair and reconstruct the property.

Temporary Fixing of Fire Damaged Areas

The most important time to take control over a recently fire damaged building is immediately after the fire is put out. This is done by securing the property, boarding up missing windows or walls, and implementing temporary structural reinforcements like wooden or steel beams. When framing damage has occurred, the temporary reinforcements can prevent additional damage. It’s not uncommon for completely unaffected areas to deform or collapse hours or even days after a fire if they’re not correctly reinforced or supported. It’s a procedure that will minimize overall costs and loss of property & belongings.

Water Removal After a Fire

There’s typically only one way to put out a fire, and that’s with water – a lot of it. This brings up another unfortunate problem with fires, which is water damage. The amount of water needed to put out a fire can cause serious damage to building materials and personal belongings. This is especially true when the post-fire site is left unattended for days after the incident.

Depending on the fire’s characteristics, the location within the building, and the general outdoor climate, this water can easily cause additional damages to roofs, floors, walls, appliances and other materials. Another serious concern is mold. Water removal is an important and serious of fire damage repair and reconstruction. This is just one more reason that taking immediate action is critical after any type of serious fire has been been extinguished.

Do not attempt to wash your walls or remove soot from other surfaces, including the ceiling. There are special procedures required to properly handle these situations and put your property back to code before, during, and after the reconstruction process.

A professional water damage repair service will have both the tools and experience to remove water in a way that eliminates the potential for future issues.

Cleaning and Sanitizing After Fire Damage

One of the most important things to consider about fire damage is hiring experts who can ensure that unaffected surfaces and items are protected and preserved before the damage spreads. Covering, removing, packing, cleaning, and storing and sanitizing undamaged areas and/or items will save you money. It will also reduce the stress of the reconstruction process knowing that indirect damages have been mitigated.

Smoke damage is also something very important in a post-fire situation, but it’s something we’ll cover in a future article. For the time being you can learn more about how harmful smoke can be to understand why there is a strict process to deal with smoke damage in buildings.

Fire Damage Reconstruction Services

Once everything has been assessed, cleaned, sanitized, secured, and a strategy has been put into place, the reconstruction of the affected area(s) can finally begin. Your fire damage professionals will have already dealt with your insurance company and you can expect the rebuilding and repair process to run smoothly from this point forward. However, to ensure it goes as planned and without error or setback you’ll need to hire someone reputable.

Water Pro of Yonkers serves New York and New Jersey with complete fire damage repair and reconstruction services. It all begins with a call. When we arrive, we’ll give you a no-obligation, no-hassle estimate for the repairs after our experts perform a complete and professional evaluation of your property. Precision is key here, and we’ll know what to look for – including the things that most other “experts” fail to find. What’s more? We’ll work directly with your insurance company to get the repairs you deserve, and the money required to make it all happen.

New York Fire Damage Repairs – Call the Experts

Our customer reviews speak for themselves. When you deal with something as serious as a structural fire, there’s no point in hiring someone incapable of rectifying the situation correctly. With decades of experience we know the proper protocol, the ins-and-outs of dealing with insurance. We also know how to get your fire damaged property into better shape than it was before the fire. Don’t believe it? Contact us today at (914) 247-4443​ and see for yourself. We’re ready to go 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can’t afford to wait, and with Water Pro you’re guaranteed to get the finest service quality and attention available anywhere.

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